The Profanity of the Age is the corruption and duplicity of Nation-States as they engage the blood and treasure of their young populations in a misuse of the Warrior Ethic. ‘Soldiering’ is presented as an alternative to normal pursuits and shown to be patriotic or career enhancing when in fact, the recruit is simply acting as a hired gun for vested corporate interests. This hidden subterfuge of diabolical manipulation is a masked deception of absolute depravity as the cowards who initiate such endeavors never serve, allowing others to die for their Machiavellian plots and illicit monetary gains. The Warrior must remain vigilant and never allow oneself to be a party to such chicanery, for by doing so he/she honors oneself and the legacy that both nature and our ancestral inheritance has bestowed upon us all.


  • Musings of an Existential, Transcendental and Warrior-Based Spiritual Comprehension …

    On Abortion ……

    My attempt to analyze, ponder and ultimately comprehend the “Abortion Dilemma” proceeds from an existential and metaphysical comprehension. Such a dividing enmity crosses over into a consideration of Natural Law and by doing so warrants an inroad into the spiritual aspects of the very essence of what it means to be human. What do I mean by introducing a Natural Law consideration ?

    Natural Law can be defined as : A body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct. An observable law relating to natural phenomena.

    Additionally, one cannot discount the energetic power of the force of creating a new and soul-filled being when the act of physical coitus between male and female successfully unite in procreation. The gestation interval for creating life rests solely within the unique female anatomy, a right reserved and in concert with the energetic force of creation and divine-cosmic consciousness. It is here where the current thinking on the matter devolves into an enmity of reserving “rights” to only the bearer of the gestating fetus. Alas, the question then follows, when does life really begin? It is this dilemma that ultimately causes the abortion debate encumbered by a total abandonment of the creative power of the female.

    How might we discern did the betrayal of Natural Law, established for eons become suspect in the evolving human consciousness defining the essence of what it means to be human? To answer that, one must look at the historical, cultural and religious memes that have played out through time which altered, undermined and ultimately promoted a system whereby the maturing individual is considered sovereign and any gestating process of the development of a new being in the womb is held as a dependent and non-autonomous being.

    The evolution of the mindset which totally corrupted the Male Warrior’s Protective Ethos and led to the Female Warrior’s Consciousness being undermined and severely separated from the Cosmic consciousness of the Divine, sublime and Energetic Force of Creation has its roots in the memes specifically perpetrated in a diabolical genesis of the last two hundred years. Such alienating disruptions have been passed historically through eons of time both manipulated and controlled by the ELITES and in concert with the Negative Astral Forces of Higher Dimensions.

    Such a transcendental departure alienated from the very essence of what it means to be human paved the way for the nemesis of what would eventually culminate in the Abortion Conundrum of Enmity so championed by those FOR and AGAINST. However, these same human-altering social institutions of hierarchical, patriarchal and male dominated governance where women as a divinely-gifted partner in alignment with the resonant creative power of the Universe became manifestly compromised and as a consequence culminated most fervently in the last two hundred years.

    How so ? In the interest of brevity, I will concentrate on the disrupting forces at work in the last 200 approximate years. There was a time before the Industrial Revolution when families and extended families were held together in tight-knit groups and acclimated to the land on family-held farming communities which were passed on by ancestral lineages. Even grandparents were positioned as mentors and would never be considered as a burden. Male and female, husband and wife worked tirelessly for each other’s mutual advantage and for the protection of children. Pregnancy was considered a blessing and the very idea that a loving mother might entertain the thought of proactively terminating a gestation interval of nine months was practically nonexistent.

    Enter the Industrial Revolution. The ELITES In order to maximize their wealth and resource holdings now began the corporatization of America. Fathers were now taken from the land and positioned into 8-10 hour days away from family, away from nature and the lunchbox syndrome became the new norm. Wives and mothers were left to essentially raise the children in a grand departure of what previously had been a communal and mutually beneficial arrangement of shared responsibilities for the proper rearing of children. In my mind, perhaps no other societal transition proved to be such an undermining catalyst for what would unfortunately follow in the ethos of both men and women to their mutual harm as divinely-inspired human beings.

    The Women’s Temperance Movement of the 1870’s to be followed by the Women Suffrage activities in the early 20th Century were a means by which women rallied to challenge the abuse of male alcoholism, no doubt rampantly brought on by the alienation of men from their inner core and Warrior Essence of creativity, protectionism while having been instilled in their minds as slave wage-earners inducing physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion.

    The Suffrage Movement challenged the denial of women’s right to vote which was a consequence of patriarchal, male-dominated institutions purposely implemented by the ELITES for thousand of years. One cannot dismiss the role that Christianity played in this sordid atmosphere whereby women were viewed upon as having caused the “ Fall of Man” if one believed in the obviously contrived allegorical and metaphorical tale resulting in restricting liberties of future souls who happen to have the XX Chromosome. The Patriarchal and Ecclesiastical Priesthood across many churches of Christendom utilized this falsehood for controlling measures in a grand display of diabolical treachery.

    Fast Forward to the 20th Century. Planned Parenthood commissioned by Margaret Sanger whose testament for the rationale to limit the procreation of new offspring often overlapped the eugenicist’s mandate to side with the ELITES against those deemed unfit to enter this world defined by either class, race and diminished, intellectual propensities. Hitler would be proud !

    From Wikipedia …..

    After World War I, Sanger increasingly appealed to the societal need to limit births by those least able to afford children. The affluent and educated already limited their child-bearing, while the poor and uneducated lacked access to contraception and information about birth control. Here she found an area of overlap with eugenicists.] She believed that they both sought to “assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit.” She distinguished herself from other eugenicists, by writing “eugenists [sic] imply or insist that a woman’s first duty is to the state; we contend that her duty to herself is her duty to the state. We maintain that a woman possessing an adequate knowledge of her reproductive functions is the best judge of the time and conditions under which her child should be brought into the world.

    We further maintain that it is her right, regardless of all other considerations, to determine whether she shall bear children or not, and how many children she shall bear if she chooses to become a mother.” Sanger was a proponent of negative eugenics, which aimed to improve human hereditary traits through social intervention by reducing the reproduction of those who were considered unfit. Internet Sourced

    In the emerging adult years of my generation, Feminist’s Pro Abortion activists in the likes of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem would take center-stage in rallying American women to the advancement of “ A Women’s Right To Choose “, and other feminist’s calls to a pro-Abortion agenda all embellished in “ Legalese ” terminology.. Thus, the stage was set for the Activist Warren Court to rule in a grotesque misuse of the Constitution of the United States to guarantee a women’s right to terminate a developing, sentient and soul emanating fetus.

    Furthermore, on the masculine side, a hedonistic, pleasure seeking and self indulgent misuse of the protective manifestations of the Male Archetype would now ensue as the Hugh Hefner World of Playboy magazine to be followed by Penthouse and Hustlers’ visual-titillation-expressions induced a mindset of male domination where women would be seen as enticing objects of self gratification and trophies. The female anatomy, for a certainty is one of such inspiring beauty and creative wonder that the stage was set for further disassociation from any semblance of a balancing ethos between both sexes.

    So, I finally will conclude with what I perceive as an elemental Cosmic Truth in concert with Natural Law as previously discussed in the beginning of this disquisition and how the Abortion Issue plays out in this unfolding Universal Drama of restoring ourselves to beings of divine potential. Our Universe is a blended expression of energetic frequencies that manifest continuously in a dance of polarities often described as positive/ negative/. Negative is not to be construed as something evil or deleterious. It simply acts as a balancing effect which in essence produces harmony throughout the universe. Our very bodies and physiological functions are directly resonant to the earth’s magnetic polarity according to early twentieth century genius and mystical transcendentalist, Nicola Tesla.

    In the Eastern traditions, the ( Yang ), Male or Giver is equaled or more precisely balanced by the ( Yin ), Female or Receiver. Both energetic functions are critical in the energetic dynamism of CREATION according to NATURAL LAW set fort by the Universal Consciousness prevalent throughout the Universe consisting of Galaxies, Starry Regions, Nebulae and ultimately culminating in the existence of a sentient, soul-emanating being of light. That synthesis is WHO WE ARE.

    Consequently it is here is where the story gets quite interesting. As far as Humans are concerned, it is the FEMALE and exclusively the Recipient Energetic Force of a Divine-Harmonious Balance that can gestate and empower the bringing forth of a new sentient- consciousness Being Of Light into our reality. It is a Power that in essence approximates that of the Energetic Force of Universal Creation itself. THEREFORE, I posit that such a quality stemming from inception and in spiritual alignment with the Creative Force of the Universe which can sustain and allow to grow a developing fetus to ultimately mature into a 100 Trillion Cellular-Being is in essence Godlike in its Responsibility. Try as they may, the LBGTQ – Transgender Community despite their inane utterances cannot and never will be able to violate this one basic EDICT of Natural Law. Females have babies, Men can’t and never will . Natural Law Rules the Universe.

    In conclusion, the Abortion Dilemma cannot be expressed in moral tones of right versus wrong, good versus evil. These societal and religiously-ordained contextual references are far too elemental in comprehension and actually encumber an exacting and more specifically, cosmic-defined and appropriate appreciation of this dilemma.

    Who Are We? As mentioned previously, life is a semblance of polarities. The Male Archetype has a feminine aspect which our civilization has greatly undermined to the detriment of a Male Warrior’s Protective Consciousness while the Feminine Archetype’s masculine aspects have been exaggerated and are NOW usurping the very essence of the Protective measures of the Feminine ethos. Thusly, given the many ways in which actual conception can be arrested either through protective actions taken by the male or by inserts and other medicinal applications furnished by the female, a sense of responsibility is incumbent upon both parties to act in harmony with their mutual wishes, afforded responsibilities in concert with the Natural Law of the Universe.

    However, one conception occurs and the life forces are in a state of dynamic energy creation of a synergistic dependence decreed by the Cosmic Consciousness in concert with the Natural and Creative Law of the Universe, any women proceeding to deliberately partake of a life suspending action while terminating the development of a new and soul-filled -potential-sentient being IS ACTING IN DIRECT CONTRADICTION OF HER OWN CREATIVE POWER BESTOWED UPON HER BY CREATION ITSELF. THE RESULT IS THE UNDERMINING OF A GRAND PRIVILEGE AND DIVINE RESPONSIBILITY THAT ONLY SHE CAN ANSWER TO.

    And then there is this : http://www.numberofabortihons.com/

    This Cosmic Karma is about to come due.


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    American Culture, The Myth of The American Melting Pot

    Internet Essay Written By Patrick Amoroso, 2017

    When one ponders the history of the country that claims the title of the United States of America, you might begin to contemplate whether there is meaning in such an identification and what if any commonality in terms of
    culture can adequately define Americans as a united people. We are primarily the third generation progeny of white Anglo-Saxon and European persecuted immigrants who were driven from a continent drenched in a
    thousand years of political and ecclesiastical blood-soaked warfare. Our ancestral origins are feudal, an era when a caste system of nobility and church-centered hierarchical usury were the social paradigm of a time epoch
    approximately encompassing a thousand years in duration. Our ancestors who became the inheritors of the American experience would have their earth-aligned and tribal cultures ransacked by a first century imperial
    power only to be followed with their cultural marginalization by an ecclesiastical and state-sanctioned church hierarchy professing blessings in another world. This necessitated the abandonment of established cultural
    inheritances reared in a spirit of spiritual diversity, ancestral reverence and folklore which had formerly been bestowed upon their minds for a vast period of time.

    Once this anomaly was set in motion, it was not long, perhaps a few generations in the post-era period of Imperial Rome that an insidious, and cathartic departure emerged with a complete loss of once-revered ancient and cultural traditions. The millennia-vintage communal and tribal reigns were terminated and followed by a feudal and ecclesiastical authority that would beget the death stroke of cultural genocide while an entire continent would metastasize with the onset of a thousand year Dark Age. Whereas the populations of continental Europe that were once tribal and comprised of trans-generational communities replete with a thriving folklore, a cultural ethos aligned with the mysteries of earth generated forces and ancestrally aligned with mores established in past eons, a new and nefarious mindset would now work its deception. This cultural death literally paved the way for the soon to appear feudal age of ecclesiastics, nobility and kingly rule derived through blood lineage. The vast majority of once-proud, earth and ancestrally-bound cultural communities were to be relegated to the state of serfdom.

    If the march of history is towards an uplifting and evolving enlightenment of society, then how does this transition to a thousand year Dark Age answer to that claim? The feudal paradigm of structured social orders and hierarchical class divisions assembled along patriarchal lines of inheritance would be the catalyst for the inception of the divine rule of kings according to inherited bloodlines. Nation-states ordained by an ecclesiastical and papal
    sanction would now rule society where individualism and ideals of an upward mobility for the masses would forever be chained to religious dogma and formalism. Who needs Hell when you can create it right here on earth?

    From such a derived legacy of cultural genocide, the road was paved for our forefather’s march into a new continent. Having been disinherited from the cultural traditions which aligned their spirit and soul to the earth
    for a hundred generations, the former vanquished and conquered in spirit together with their lost inheritance became the new conquerors of tribal cultures who paradoxically personified the very fabric of their former
    existence with repercussions which are felt, although hidden to this very day. Although they mistakenly laid claim to the fact that a more reasonable and moderate rendition of religious formalism in the flavor of Protestantism
    was now their guiding light from above, the early English and Dutch settlers would once again light the flames of a genocidal torch against the indigenous inhabitants of an immense continent ripe for the taking. The stage was
    now set for the greatest theft and usurpation of land resources ever recorded in the annals of history. The early settlers became the new Conquistadors who had already murdered and pillaged the natives of South America and
    Mexico a hundred years earlier under the papal edicts granted by the Treaty of Tordesillas. Turning the other cheek and loving your neighbor as yourself did not quite cut it when it came to the treatment of American indigenous peoples regardless of what flavor of Christianity the new conquerors professed.

    Thus, American shores would now feel the weight of European merchant banks financing the African slave trade where an estimated 10-15 million African men, women and children died of extreme deprivations in the holes of slave ships while ripped from a life of tribal and pastoral existence on the African coast and interior. The institution of slavery would be the means by which the great wealth of the South was realized through an inhuman
    practice in force for over three hundred years. The Eastern establishment of the original colonies would also prosper through trans-oceanic merchant shipping, the advent of the New England textile industry and the
    concentration of banking cartels reaping vast profits on the sufferings of African generations.

    In the Post Revolutionary period, the plight of the American indigenous natives was sealed. A continent for the asking to be stolen under the Banner of “Manifest Destiny” would now experience plunder on a level not witnessed since the days of the Spanish Conquistadors against the sister continent to the south.

    Rather than present a litany of historic evidence to the many atrocities which were manifest throughout both instances of colonial subjugation, genocide and plunder, I will now attempt to answer the more probing questions
    as to the why such an inhumane onslaught ever took place. What is it about the white European mindset and cultural fabric of their intrinsic and vacuous claims to morality that would instigate mass murder in the pursuit of
    profit? However difficult it is to hear or discuss this abomination, the religious precepts of Christian formalism played a significant part in this sordid drama. Together with an alienation from their once earth-centered roots, to be subject to class distinctions all the while experienced in the feudal period of a thousand years and with an institutional church-sanctioned ethos that pronounced them sinful and only worthy of redemption from an off-
    planet messiah, the stage was set for this noxious cauldron of a self-deprived humanity to unleash heinous actions against cultures that had existed on their native soil for ten millennia.

    Americans are not true Americans. We mistakenly identify ourselves with a governing document, an attempt at self governance and an enlightened treatise for the times. It was in essence, an economic agreement put forth by
    privileged property owners, slave holders and commodity merchants in order to protect their economic interests and ultimately to separate their profit enterprises from beholding to the European financial interests and mother
    country. The new Republic was modeled after the Roman Senate. It should not surprise us then, that America has been at war with itself, another nation or combinations thereof for most of its entire history. Throughout
    America’s short time stamp on the world scene, the “casus belli“ for these war engagements have consistently been to secure resources and enhance the financial interests for the governing elite and privileged economic and
    corporate class. This mindset has been fueled by our failure to live in a spirit of earth reverence and an expressed denial of common humanitarian concerns. A hidden but nonetheless subconscious catalyst for this anomaly is the religious, institutional precept of viewing the earth as outside of grace, only to be subjugated for its resource potential to advance the interests of society by profit-driven activity. The 19th Century German sociologist, Max
    Weber, in his treatise, “The Protestant Ethic” championed this socio-economic paradigm. Is it any wonder that Americans have a history of undertaking annihilation against indigenous inhabitants and other earth-centered populations? It is still continuing today under the auspices of the “War on Terror”, a mislabeled subterfuge with an unending duration against other nations and peoples with substantial resources.

    With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the stage was now set for the further separation from the ancestral ties to the land. Farming communities and pastoral ways of life would now undergo a great transformation from
    community– oriented and agricultural farming habitations to concentrated cities, where nationality-segmented housing and industrial factories would reign. Men, and fathers especially, were now taken from the family and the
    classic work week became its altered state. Perhaps, no other metamorphosis of the human psyche had such a devastating effect on the family-centered ethos than this departure from one’s earth-aligned roots. Industrial
    pollution on a massive scale would be the result and it wasn’t long before children were indentured into the slave factories of the industrial North East. Today, we have moved from the factory-driven industrial commodity
    producing era to the Information Technology world of modern society. The meme remains the same. We are still the same factory workers with high-sounding titles and college degrees with a credit card for lunch at Starbuck’s
    replacing our lunch box. How’s that job going?

    So, how does this presentation relate to my basic argument that America is a society without a resonating culture?

    If one looks closely at the cultures of the world whether they be identified as countries with an ancient past or those populations confined within their borders as indigenous first inhabitants, you can observe an identifiable
    folklore, music, dress, and cultural-spiritual mores of long-standing. The folklore is often immersed and identified with myths that carries a measure of spiritual affiliation which was handed down by previous, ancestral
    generations. This millennia-old ethos was driven from the European immigrant’s mindset to our shores within the space of a few generations. As mentioned previously, such a departure from an innate and intuitive
    understanding of who they once were erupted into their genocidal assault upon Indian Nations who had inhabited this continent for some 10,000 years.

    What identifies Americans today? One might be tempted to respond by stating that America was built on a rugged sense of individualism, tempered by a frontier spirit. For a certainty, that is what transpired as the nation began its journey into the future where the economic incentives were to override any sense of concern for those to be used in achieving the national fortune whether the results of that plunder were conceived in slavery or outright theft from the indigenous natives. Today, we are primarily reared in a system that champions financial success above all else. Our educational emphasis is not to raise the citizenry to a high level of insightful scrutiny where the individual is free to use an intuitive aspect of one’s own consciousness to develop critical and logical thinking ability. Instead, a flawed system begets a flawed citizen as the masses are dumbed down to an almost childlike stupor where the focus is on visual titillation, social gossip and the latest entertainment farce on television shows featuring celebrity and status-seeking charlatans run amok. An instant gratification animus pervasively extends its noxious influence throughout the society with no moral rectitude or correctness, symptomatically derelict in its complacency to feel good in the absence of critical awareness and proper discernment.

    So what binds us? From a neutral and purely historical perspective, the United States is a centuries-driven crime in progress, and always has been from its colonial inception. Since the founding of Jamestown in 1607, the main goal was to begin a continental enterprise initially granted by a merchant company charter in London to do business on a vast foreign land at the expense of the original inhabitants, at the expense of its virgin old growth forests, at the expense of 60,000,000 buffalo of the great plains, at the expense of its rivers and all of its natural domain. Our karmic debt is so overwhelming from a universal perspective that I doubt any nation in the annals of history in such a short period of time has had such a drastic effect on all of humanity. We are a War Culture and one that is not just content with dominating the land under our own feet but the world itself through our imperial reach and military posturing. No denial can alter this very fact. Despite living what appears in our own minds as lives of success, extolling ourselves with platitudes of innocence and devotion to family and country, one cannot escape the undeniable fact that a majority of the world’s population sees us as the chief obstacle to peace, a rogue and imperial nation that answers to no one. They in turn have begun to confront the evil in their midst. What Americans fail to discern on their own, the rest of the world sees us for our manifest actions which are inimical to the peace and prosperity for all of earth’s inhabitants.

    Tough words, But I digress. One could conceivably argue the point and with merit that we are the inheritors of one massive graveyard on a scale unknown in history for its savagery and plunder. Our culture is not a culture as defined by any traditional understanding of the term. We stand at the crossroads of immense change not seen since the advent and ultimate demise of imperial Rome.

    “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“
    George Santayana

    ** Read also: America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776



  • The Lost Warrior Ethics of the Male Psyche; Consequences for Survival

    The purpose and stated intent of this website are to examine in a scholarly manner the concealed and deliberate undermining of what was once revered and constituted as the Principle of Warrior Ethics. Such a topic will no doubt arouse a passionate response and may provoke hidden conflicts in the male psyche. This analysis will encompass the legacies of our ancestral past and the interrelated metaphysical aspects of human consciousness. Western civilization has sacrificed an ancient archetype at the altar of profit, duplicity and illicit war.